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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

And on the Second Day the Lord spoke

Oh yes, today I meditated, relaxed and prayed...

I raised my arms in a meadow of Sun Flowers and screamed my prayers to god...

Oh God what is thy name?
How can I spread thee good word without a frame of reference oh lord.
We need you lord, speak thy name and we shall follow.

It was the 8th hour of praying to our lord when a names came flooding to my head
Frank, I am Frank, Bobo, I am Bobo, Christy, I am Christy, Zezz, I am Zezz...

They a calming tone, you know my true name, you need the guidance of man to recall my name and oh ye will be taken to the kingdom of heaven

Father P calls for your guidance...Help me, fellow man


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