New Religion - Followers Wanted

Tuesday, January 02, 2007


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Tuesday, September 26, 2006

And on the Second Day the Lord spoke

Oh yes, today I meditated, relaxed and prayed...

I raised my arms in a meadow of Sun Flowers and screamed my prayers to god...

Oh God what is thy name?
How can I spread thee good word without a frame of reference oh lord.
We need you lord, speak thy name and we shall follow.

It was the 8th hour of praying to our lord when a names came flooding to my head
Frank, I am Frank, Bobo, I am Bobo, Christy, I am Christy, Zezz, I am Zezz...

They a calming tone, you know my true name, you need the guidance of man to recall my name and oh ye will be taken to the kingdom of heaven

Father P calls for your guidance...Help me, fellow man

Monday, September 25, 2006

Name your God

Budha is already taken, but I do think its good for a god to actually have a name (how else will we know which God we are talking about). And yes I know Budha is not a god...

Lets set some rules for naming this new god.
1. We may have more gods down the track, we do not know if these other gods exist as our current god has not informed us yet.

2. God may be Male/Female/Space Monkey OR Other form. We do no know at ths time the true form of god.

3. Gods name is the will of God. As the most holy on Earth I will provide Gods feedback on any names submitted.

God be with you,
Father P

Welcome to your new direction

Firstly let me thank you for taking an interest in this new religion.

I hope that by startng a new religion which we can all have an input into we will find a truely tollerant and possitive and honestly acceptin religion (Christians you know you are not really that tollerant, I mean you hate Gay people, the Pope is bagging out other religions...come on)

I think the first point for discussion in this community needs to be...Who is God, and do I call him Sir or Frank

Yours Believingly
Father P